Student Services Office is your one-stop destination to get answers to your questions, plan your education, and complete all school-related transactions.

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service to all students – past present and future – and strive to assist you as accurately, thoroughly and as quickly as possible. For assistance, please get in touch with us via phone, e-mail, or in person.

Our office handles the following areas:

Academic and Student Records

  • Registration and Requirement Information
  • Update Academic Records: add/drop classes, change of address
  • Obtain Academic Records: transcripts and verification requests
  • Course Descriptions and Offerings
  • Class Schedules

Student Billing and Tuition Payments

  • Answer billing and tuition questions
  • Process bill payments
  • Refund policies and requests
  • Late Fees

Additional Resources

  • Student ID cards
  • Housing or HomeStay referrals
  • Meal Program (available only for Travel & Study Program)