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  • Unlock Your Child’s Full Potential!

    Sooner your child begins participating in the regular academic program, higher his/her chances of academic success and getting into the college of his/her dreams! Our CELDT Preparation program is designed to give your child the advantage of rapidly learning English so he/she is not held back in ESL classes. Let us show you the difference we can make!

  • Learn English Naturally, In real Conversation

    New Life | New Language Program is a complete ESL program designed to help you adjust to your new life in the United States. Teaching approach utilizes a fusion of the direct method and the communicative method where new grammar and vocabulary is first introduced via structured speaking drills, then relaxed into a conversational style to fully internalize the new material. Additionally, lesson topics focus on getting to know the American life and culture with useful tips and tricks to help you get around your new life and home.

    Classes are three hours long and held twice a week.

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    Art | Design | Portfolio Preparation

    Los Angeles International College Art Program offers a broad spectrum of studio art, design, and crafts courses for youth and adults, as well as highly focused university track programs for college and graduate school admissions. Studio art courses in painting, drawing, sculpting, and digital photography are structured after university level art courses and accept enrollment year-round. Students who pursue a university track program also have the option to sign-up for independent study meetings and portfolio preparation courses to further hone their skills and develop their artistic voices. Our curriculum adheres to the Best Practices standards and guidelines as established by College Art Association and taught by professional artists who work in the industry or exhibit their work professionally.

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    Be Ready for the Challenge Ahead!

    LAIC offers intensive test preparation programs for college and graduate school admissions in the United States. Our courses are designed by industry leaders and taught by expert teachers with demonstrated commitment to student success.

    Available for:  SAT | ACT | GRE | GMAT | LSAT | TOEFL

    Duration: Regular 12 weeks | Accelerated 6 weeks | Boot-camp 4 weeks

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    Your Adventure Starts Here!

    Travel and Study Program is a series of two-week repeatable cycles of study in ESL/EFL, TOEFL Preparation, and Business English that combine courses, and extra-curricular programs with exciting field trips to some of the hottest travel destinations in Southern California.

    Available for: Teens and adults over 18.

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    Zero to fluent in 6 levels!

    Consisting of six(6) levels, our English as Foreign Language or Second Language program is designed to instill in students the necessary English language skills to succeed in demanding academic and career environments. The central objective of this program is twofold: to internalize correct grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary; and gain proficiency in written and spoken English usage. All of our classes focus heavily on real-life conversation practice with the teacher coaching the student every step of the way. We never place students in independent groups where students circulate incorrect grammar and practice broken English with each other – that is a waste of time!

    By the end of this program, our students gain strong language skills to communicate increasingly complex and elaborate topics in both written and spoken English with near native proficiency.