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  • Travel & Study Program for Teens and Adult Groups

    Travel and Study Program is a series of two-week repeatable cycles of study in ESL/EFL, TOEFL Preparation, and Business English that combine courses, and extra-curricular programs with exciting field trips to some of the hottest travel destinations in Southern California.

    The program is designed to allow maximum level of flexibility without compromising quality. Students have the option of attending full-day, to take advantage of all courses and clubs, or half day, to accommodate personal needs and preferences.

    Each two-week cycle uses unique lesson plans and activities to ensure the program is always fresh. This way, students who wish to attend an extended period of time will enjoy a challenging new activity each day as much those who enroll in a single cycle.

    Available In The Following Areas of Focus:

    The ESL/EFL program:

    The ESL/EFL program a series of speaking intensive courses where majority of class-time focuses on real-life English practice. What makes our program unique is that we immediately begin practicing freshly acquired grammar skills and vocabulary in real time and relevant speaking situations. We never waste class time with worksheets or CDs – those are for additional practice at home. At LAIC, our teachers coach students every step of the way, correcting grammar and pronunciation as soon as mistakes happen. As a result, our students acquire good grammar habits and retain new vocabulary much faster than the conventional method and begin speaking in record time.

    Business English:

    The world of Business Speaks its own language. That's why we offer specialized English Language courses for business professionals. Much like our ESL courses, the Business English program designed to give you maximum speaking practice in simulated, true-to-life business environments. Participants discuss meeting agendas, speculate profitability of various business scenarios, and brain storm about mock marketing campaigns.

    All sessions are taught by teachers who have business training, or experience in the industry and use material that is current and relative to today's business professional.

    TOEFL Test Preparation:

    Focused Training, Rapid Results! The accelerated Travel & Study version of our TOEFL program is designed to rapidly target the four testing areas in reading, writing, listening and speaking aptitude while building test-specific skills and strategies to obtain a successful score on the TOEFL exam. Course content focuses heavily on mastering a first-year university level vocabulary and grammar while providing personalized coaching to enhance written and verbal expression skills.

    Add-on Options Include:


    Afternoons are reserved for optional study clubs that provide additional practice to augment your English skills in a uniquely fun environment. Some of the study clubs we offer include, Debate Club, Arts and Literature Club, Movie Club, and American Culture and Traditions Club. Available for intermediate to advanced levels of speakers, these clubs are carefully designed to complement both the TOEFL and the ESL programs where students really push their speaking skills to the maximum.


    At LAIC, we study hard, but we never forget to take a break and explore the sights and sounds around us. Our weekly field trips are an excellent combination from educational excursions that complement your studies to memorable tours to famous destinations around Southern California.

    From beautiful sunny beaches to snow covered mountains, Hollywood stars on the red carpet to cowboys on horses, California has it all. Our weekly field trips include excursions to Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Diego, Big Bear and many more. Come and explore the rich culture and vibrant history of Southern California with LAIC!


    Homestay program is your window to American Culture and Family Life! The Homestay program matches a student with an American family for an immersive cultural experience. During their stay, students get a close and personal look at American culture and local life style. They eat together, they shop together, and may even attend a family picnic or a holiday celebration. Many students also prefer a homestay arrangement because they find it highly useful in practicing their English skills outside of the classroom. Of course, the best part of it all is making friends that last a lifetime.

    Experience World Cuisine in California!

    Owing to its rich multicultural fabric, Southern California is one of the rare places where one can enjoy food from all over the world. For a Californian, the question “What would you like to eat?” isn't a question of chicken or fish, but a question of what world cuisine to sample.

    To provide a truly exceptional California dining experience, we've partnered with some of the most popular restaurants and catering services to serve delicious international meals every day. After all, isn't traveling all about experiencing new sights, sounds, and flavors?

    For further details, click here to view the online Travel and Study Program Catalog
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