Los Angeles International College strives to provide high quality educational programs to empower students with the skills necessary to compete in an increasingly demanding global workforce, and to provide resources and support for local and international students seeking admission to colleges and universities in the United States. To achieve this mission, we have set forth the following goals.

1. LAIC will ensure that each academic program is committed to excellence and administered with care, responsiveness and integrity. To that end, it will,

  • ensure all programs, curricula, and teaching resources are up to date;
  • maintain compliance with the highest professional standards;
  • continuously monitor student-learning and maintain a student-centric curricula;
  • develop and maintain programs and curricula that is responsive to the needs of the students;
  • support faculty and staff development;
  • provide and distribute literature with full disclosure of program descriptions, costs, and duration.

2. LAIC will encourage and support student success beyond the completion of studies at LAIC. To that end, it will,

  • ensure that programs adequately prepare students for academic degree programs at higher education institutions;
  • support student clubs and extra-curricular activities to facilitate full immersion into the new language and culture.

3. LAIC will maintain a positive, friendly, and welcoming campus and classroom environment for all members of the student body, faculty and administrative staff, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or religious affiliation.