Los Angeles International College offers high quality tutoring and educational programs for all age groups. We accept enrollment on a rolling basis, meaning new students can begin the at the start of each Monday. The application process is as easy as choosing your program and signing up. There are no lengthy requirements, endless paperwork, or application fees.

Admissions process:

Step 1: Choose your program and apply.

Applying to the program of your choice is easy. Simply, fill out the application form online or in person to let us know which program you’re interested in. There is no fee to submit an application.

Step 2: Campus Visit (optional)

While it isn’t necessary to schedule a campus visit, we encourage you to do so. You can attend a class as guest, get a feel for our campus culture, and even take your placement exam ahead of time if you’re an ESL student.

Step 3: Take your placement test (required for all ESL/language study programs)

For ESL / Language study students: We administer a mini writing and speaking test to asses your language level. The test itself takes a very short time but allows us to more accurately determine your level than a multiple choice test.

Step 4: Enroll and begin your classes

Once you’re ready, you can complete your enrollment by registering to your classes and begin as early as the following Monday.