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    Los Angeles International College Art Program offers a broad spectrum of studio art, design, and crafts courses for youth and adults, as well as highly focused university track programs for college and graduate school admissions.

    Studio art courses in painting, drawing, sculpting, and digital photography are structured after university level art courses and accept enrollment year-round. Students who pursue a university track program also have the option to sign-up for independent study meetings and portfolio preparation courses to further hone their skills and develop their artistic voices.

    Our curriculum adheres to the Best Practices standards and guidelines as established by College Art Association and taught by professional artists who work in the industry or exhibit their work professionally.


    Portfolio Development Class

    A strong portfolio, together with an artist’s statement, is essential for admission into college art programs. Through this course, students will acquire both technical and critical skills necessary to compile a portfolio that is representative of each student’s unique voice and talent, as well as demonstrative of his/her scope of conceptual abilities and technical competencies.

    Critiques will be an integral part of the course as it will allow student to strengthen his/her own work and provide insight into the ways in which portfolios are reviewed during the admissions process.

    Painting Class:

    Open to both beginners and experienced painters, this course explores classical and contemporary painting techniques and concepts through lectures, demos, and assignments. Our goal is to encourage and nourish individuality and creativity while refining technique.

    Drawing Class:

    This course introduces the principles and techniques in drawing. Through lectures, demos, and assignments students will gain working knowledge of line, shape, perspective, proportion, volume, and composition. The class will include regular critiques for both in-progress work and completed works.

    Digital Photography:

    In this course students will have the opportunity to create works applying concepts of light, color theory, and composition. Instruction will include camera operation, lighting, image editing, and print output. In addition to practicum, there will be regular critique sessions to strengthen conceptual abilities and critical thinking skills.

    Fashion Design:

    The purpose of this course is to advance students’ inspiration into finished product. Through lectures, demos, and hands on practice, students will learn how to illustrate their ideas, create a working pattern and finally assemble their finished product. Instruction will focus on the elements and principles of design, color, and material and recognition of design styles as pertaining to fashion.

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