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  • CELDT Preparation Program

    What is the CELDT?

    California English Language Development Test (CELDT) measures how well a student can listen, speak, read, and write in English. California state law requires that all students whose primary language isn't English to take the CELDT each year until they become fully proficient in English.

    What is the Purpose of this Test?

    CELDT is used to identify students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade who are English learners and place them in ESL classes. CELDT is also used to determine when your child is fully proficient in academic English and ready to attend regular classes.

    How can your program better prepare my child or teen for the CELDT?

    We pride ourselves for using class time for maximum English practice. We don't give coloring books to young learners and expect them to magically learn English from coloring the apple red. Nor do we put teens in groups where they socialize in their native language instead of practicing their English. That's a waste of time! What we do different is to use every minute of class time to practice good grammar with the teacher coaching the student along the way. As a result, our students gain native level English proficiency in record time.

    About CELDT Preparation Program

    CELDT preparation program is designed to target four testing areas in reading, writing, listening, and speaking aptitude to build strong linguistic skills while exercising test-specific skills and strategies to overcome test anxiety and achieve a desirable score on the CELDT. Course content is chosen to complement regular academic topics to perform various tasks in the four testing areas. Ultimately, the key emphasis of the course is to build strong academic language at an age appropriate level and be able to gain knowledge and convey ideas in the spoken and written knowledge.

    Course Levels:

    Level 1: Ready! At this level your child or teen is just beginning to learn English. Classes focus on mastering a solid foundation in grammar and building vocabulary to grow his/her language skills.

    Level 2: Set! Now that your child or teen has set a solid foundation in place, it's time to grow his/her grammar and vocabulary to comfortably communicate in day-today communications with ease.

    Level 3: Go! At this stage, your child or teen can comfortably communicate in familiar situations with complete ease. It's now time to focus on acquiring a strong academic language to ace the CELDT and excel in his/her regular academic coursework.

    Level Assessment

    Prior to enrollment, we conduct a mini interview with your child to determine his/her English proficiency and recommend a course level accordingly. We do not give standardized paper tests for two reasons: First, standardized tests can give false positives because they allow room for guesswork. On the other hand, our personalized one-on-one interview style testing approach allows us to more accurately assess your child's English language skills. Second, testing – especially in an unfamiliar setting – can cause stress to your child. Eliminating any such unnecessary stress, students start their first day at Los Angeles International College anxiety free and respond better to their classroom experience.

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  • Program Details

    • Program Duration 12 weeks
    • Classes Meet twice a week / 4 hours total
    • Tags ESL, EFL, English, middle school, high school, public school